Picture of the IngenuiTEA teapot.It took almost a year for me to replace my old teapot which broke into rather too many pieces in the process of moving house, but when I saw this one I couldn’t resist.  I initially came across it on ThinkGeek but then bought it from Adagio, partially because the price was then in GBP.  Adagio have since started selling one twice the size.

Although it may look like it’s made of glass, it actually appears to be made of some sort of plastic and is extremely resilient, it’s resilience is also added to by nature of not having a spout!  Although it’s an unusual teapot, I’ve found it to be extremely good.  It normally lives on my office desk and doesn’t take up very much space (for which I’m extremely grateful for because my desk is normally buried under teas, books and papers!).

It has a valve at the bottom and an extremely good filter and then when it’s done you just place it on top of your mug and it empties out of the bottom.  This is both good and bad.

The major advantage of this teapot design is that the tea has plenty of space.  If you’ve never made tea in something like this before, it may surprise you quite how much the tea expands when given the space to do so.  It also seems to make a noticeable improvement to the taste of the tea, although I’ve never made a proper comparison.  There’s also enough space for most flowering teas to properly flower which is extremely pretty.

The downside of the design of this teapot is that once you’ve got the teapot on top of your mug, you can’t tell how full the mug is unless you have a transparent mug.  Thankfully my favourite mug is twice the size of a normal mug so this isn’t a problem but with standard sized mugs it can be difficult to judge when the mug is getting full.  Another thing you have to be careful of is that you put the teapot down on a flat surface.  If you put the teapot down on a surface that isn’t flat something can  press on the valve causing it to empty, which gets very messy, as I discovered!

Overall I would highly recommend this as a teapot to anyone that uses loose tea, although if you’re wanting something that’ll do more than one or two mugs, you might want to get the larger size.