Dragon Phoenix Pearl Tea from Adagio Teas, click to visit the website.This tea, bought from Adagio Teas, has attracted a surprising amount of attention from people when it’s been in my teapot, possibly more so than the flowering tea.  It is Dragon Phoenix Pearl tea and attracts attention because when put in water these balls unravel into leaves that are very distinctly leaf like.  I realise I’ve just described leaves as being “leaf like” but this is actually quite unusual with tea.  There aren’t many teas that I’ve drunk where afterwards I’ve been able to pick out actual whole leaves that look like just that, leaves.  This attracts a lot of attention from people, particularly those that are far more used to the powdery stuff you get in tea bags.  If you try this tea it’s well worth using a teapot, preferably one that gives it plenty of space as it does expand to several times it’s size once put in water so needs plenty of space if you want to get the best flavour.

This is a green tea with Jasmine in it which is a very nice combination and well worth a try.  It’s not at all bitter and has a slightly sweet flavour and smells lovely.  Although I have no idea how much caffeine is in this tea, I don’t get the impression that it’s particularly low in caffeine so may not be for you if that’s what you’re after (for low caffeine teas, look at ones tagged “low caffeine” or look at my blog post on decaffeinating teas if/when I get round to writing it).