Twinings Royal Wedding commemorative blendStrangely enough I didn’t particularly want to buy this tea, let alone like it.  It’s a commemorative blend made by Twinings specially for the royal wedding.  I’m not a royalist and the royal wedding just didn’t interest me and before seeing this I was successfully ignoring it but when I saw the details about this tea: earl grey (not something I’m generally a fan of) with white tea instead of black to and added rose petals, it sounded so nice that I had to buy some.

It has a particularly short brewing time of only a minute but tastes very good.  Even people who don’t like Earl Grey seem to like this particular blend.  As with all white teas it’s best enjoyed without milk.  As it is a limited edition tea, it won’t be around for long though so if you want to try it you’ll need to buy it soon!