Twinings tea timerI have always loved sand timers, I don’t know why, there’s just always been something about them that’s really appealed to me.  I’m also forever putting my tea in my mug or teapot and then a while later realising I was part way through making a cup of tea and having no idea when I put the tea in.  So when I saw this tea timer in the Twinings Tea Shop in Strand I got very excited, which resulted in it being bought for me as a present :).

The white sand timer is for white tea, the black sand is for black tea and the green sand is for both green tea and infusions.  The times are generally very good but some teas need a shorter or longer times so it’s generally worth checking for each tea, although the times seem to be right for most teas.  I’ve only found one tea so far that’s noticeably different from the time this tea timer gives and that was a white tea with a particularly short brewing time.