Mood mugs, 1 of the 20 unique mugsIf you drink tea (or even coffee) anything like as often as I do then your mug is probably not far off being a permanent extension of your arm, so I often feel you might as well have a nice one.  As such I got quite (OK, very) excited when I came across this website which has 20 unique mugs.  I admit I don’t actually have any of these (although I hope to change that at some point) but I thought they were amazing so thought I’d blog about them anyway.

Plug mugThe “mood mugs” are one of my favourites.  As well as being a very cool design, they’re also double walled mugs.  This has two major advantages.  Firstly, your tea stays hot far longer.  Secondly, if you have issues with holding a hot mug (like I do) you’ll like the fact that double walled mugs don’t get hot on the outside.  These come in 3 “moods”: Happy as Larry, Monstrously Moody and Seriously Sleepy.

For anyone that doesn’t like other people at work stealing their mug (especially if it vanishes for long periods and then reappears looking like it’s not been washed up for a while) there’s the plug mug.  It has a little plug near the bottom that you can keep hold of, making the mug useless to anyone else.  Be careful not to catch the plug on anything though or it might get rather messy!Pointy bottomed mug for prevention of mug theft

Another option if you work (or live) somewhere where your mug goes for walkies and ends up rather dirty, there’s also a mug that has a pointy bottom.  This also renders it useless to anyone that doesn’t have the stand for it.  The disadvantage of this however is that your stand might go for walkies too.  It is a very cool mug design though.

Tie Tea Cup

Another of my favourites is the 45 degree mug a mug that, together with it’s specially designed saucer, happily sits at 45 degrees to the saucer.  It’s a very clever design and the bits that allow it to sit at 45 degrees are very cleverly hidden so that you can confuse people even more with your mug that is managing to sit at a very weird angle.

Last but not least, there’s a mug for anyone that drinks tea from teabags that have little bits of string attached, the Tie Tea Mug.  This mug allows you to tie the tea bag to the mug so that you don’t loose the teabag, complete with string, into the your cup of tea, saving you the trouble of trying to fish it out.