Jing TeaLike my last blog post, I thought it might be helpful for some people if I review online companies that sell tea, as it can be hard to tell what they are like and what their tea is like from their website.  Overall I thought Jing were very good.  I ordered the tea on a Friday and received it the next day!  They offer free delivery if you spend over £25 which they say quite clearly on their home page.  What they don’t say so clearly is that this means spending over £25 excluding VAT and all the prices on their website include VAT.  Meaning that if you don’t realise this you spend just over £25 and then realise you have to pay either a few pounds p&p or buy some more tea to bring it over that threshold.  If you’re using this website I suggest you think of it more as if you spend over £30.

If you care about the environment you may be pleased to hear that instead of bubble wrap to pack out the rest of the box, they used shredded cardboard, meaning that almost all of it can be recycled.  Despite this, the fragile glass I bought from them was packaged very carefully so that it wasn’t damaged at all.

I was very pleased with the quality of the glass and the teas that I bought from them.