Twinings Keemun, click to visit websiteKeemun is a tea I’ve really yet to make up my mind about.  I first tried Twinings Amber Keemun tea when it came in a pack of three with Spring White Tea and Golden Oolong Tea, it was definitely my favourite of the three, although they are all very nice.  I wouldn’t call this tea a particularly interesting or exciting one but it is nice, just nice, but sometimes a plain and simple “nice” tea is just right.  It’s certainly a tea I recommend to people who are new to drinking tea without milk.  It comes in teabags and is sometimes available in supermarkets (the bigger ones at least).

So, why have I yet to make up my mind about this tea?  Well, I decided, given I liked this one, to buy some from the person who sells tea at the local market (I’d run out 😦 ), I’ve bought some very nice loose teas from him before (including a very nice Lapsang Souchong) but the Keemun I bought from the market I really didn’t like.  A bag of it is still sitting rather unloved on my office desk (amongst more teas than I can keep track of).

Twinings Finest KeemunSo, not to be deterred, having liked the Twinings standard Amber Keemun tea, I decided to try their Finest Keemun loose tea but I can’t say I liked this one either.  However, they do describe it as being like Darjeeling, one of the few teas I really don’t like so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.  Maybe if you like Darjeeling tea then this one will be for you but personally I think I’m going to stick with the standard Twinings Amber Keemun tea.