Nothing but teaNothing But Tea is an online tea store that has information about tea and a large selection of loose leaf teas and tisanes (more commonly, but less accurately, referred to has herbal teas).

Nothing But Tea have a very wide range of very impressive loose leaf teas and tisanes.  The tisane selection is well worth looking through even if you don’t normally drink such things.  The selection of loose leaf teas, particularly the exotic teas, that have have is impressive!  I’ve yet to try their teas and find out what they’re like but I’ve just ordered a large selection of sample sizes of their teas so I’ll soon find out!  I’ll review the teas when I get them and tag them with “Nothing But Tea” so that you can check the reviews once I’ve written them if you’re interested in finding out what the teas they sell are like.

If you don’t like buying things online, this one might be for you as, although they are an online tea store, they do say that:

“If you prefer you can copy out your order details and send us a cheque in British Pounds drawn on a UK bank, or a UK Postal Order made payable to Nothing But Tea Ltd.”

They also do something else I’ve not seen before.  They don’t charge p&p and there’s no minimum spend, giving you no reason not to try out a few of their teas.  So go have a look at their tea selection, they seem to sell all their teas in sample sizes so there are lots of them for only £1 and their teas look amazing.  I’ll update this when I get the teas to say how efficient they were at sending the tea.