Whilst looking for tea related things I came across some rather interesting tea infusers.Floating duck tea infuser

First of all, I came across this floating duck tea infuser.  The yellow duck floats and underneath the duck is a tea infuser for putting your loose tea in, meaning that you have a little yellow duck floating around in your cup whilst your tea is brewing :).  It then has a little blue stand for putting your tea infuser on so that you don’t get drips everywhere.  It looks amazing and appears to be well thought out from a more practical point of view.Shark tea infuser

Then I came across another really cool tea infuser.  It’s a shark tea infuser.  It has a shark fin that floats above the water and if you are infusing a red tea it looks like there’s a trail of blood behind it.

I prefer teapots to tea infusers but these are definitely the best tea infusers I’ve seen!  They’re also somewhat cheaper than most tea infusers I’ve come across.  I do like the way they float, not just because of the awesomeness of having a rubber duck or shark fin floating in my tea but also because removing the tea infuser can be difficult, the ones with chains attached for retrieving them, I find the chain often falls into the tea.  However, with these, you’ve got something that’s floating so you can easily pick it up out your tea.  I particularly like the fact the duck has a drip catcher.