Antlers d'Amour by Nothing But Tea.  Click to visit their website.Antlers d’Amour from Nothing But Tea is an unusual tea.  Tea normally comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant but this actually comes from the stems.  It’s apparently Fair Trade (although I wouldn’t know how to check this one).  It’s a white tea and it tastes very similar to Ceylon White Silver Tips and it really can be infused multiple times without spoiling the taste (I tried it this afternoon!).  Like the Ceylon White Silver Tips, it’s a mild, slightly sweet taste.  It’s what I’d consider a relaxing afternoon tea.  It’s not got enough caffeine to wake you up, but is very relaxing to drink and has enough caffeine to keep you going.  It’s got a slightly grassy taste that I’ve come across with a few (particularly white) teas but without the grassy smell that I don’t particularly like during the peak grass-induced hayfever season!