White Pearl from Nothing But TeaWhen I first put the water in with this White Pearl tea from Nothing But Tea I was amazed by the beauty of the little pearls unfolding and the little leaves floating around in my teapot.  However, it didn’t go well for very long.  I put the teapot down and left the tea to brew but after a while I heard a slow drip drip drip drip.  I then realised that I hadn’t put my ingenuiTEA teapot down on a properly flat surface.  Fail.  If you don’t know already, ingenuiTEAs have a valve at the bottom and this is where you empty the tea from but if you don’t put it on a flat surface, something can push the valve open.  No matter how much I like tea, my keyboard and laptop are apparently less fond of it…  After the less good start, I have to say it was a very very nice tea.  It has a mild, slightly grassy, slightly sweet flavour.  It’s apparently suitable for multiple infusions, which, having just had a fourth infusion of it, I would very much agree with!