My curiosity about tea came first from parents that loved tea and then from a boyfriend that loved tea, but not any tea, in all three cases they would only drink Twinings tea, because only nice tea would do.  So, surrounded by nice teas, I decided to try some.

Initially I didn’t drink my tea with milk because I couldn’t, then out of convenience and now out of preference.  Not having milk in my tea has encouraged me to explore different types of tea more and to search out the nicer types.

I’ve discovered a huge range of tea, most of which are not intended to be drunk with milk, which I’ve discovered tends to be the case with the nicer teas.  Most tea drinkers I know have a favourite type but in the years I’ve been drinking tea I’ve never quite been content to stick with one type, no matter how nice it is, and am forever exploring different teas, hence this blog.  I’ve decided to keep a record of the different teas and tea related things that I try and how I find it, partially out of personal interest but also in the hope that it’ll be of interest to at least one other person out there.

There are three last things I’d like to say.

Firstly, everything I write is my personal opinion, just because I like a tea doesn’t mean anyone else necessarily will, and equally just because I don’t like a tea that doesn’t make it bad in any way, I could well be the one person on the planet that doesn’t like it!  Nothing in this blog is intended to be anything other than my personal opinion.

Secondly, it makes me cry a little inside every time I hear someone say they can’t have tea because they can’t have milk, most nice teas are not meant to be drunk with milk, and there are plenty of teas in the supermarkets that are intended to be drunk without milk.  I’d like to recommend green and white teas to people who can’t have milk, green and white teas are normally easily available in supermarkets.

Thirdly, don’t think that nice tea is necessarily that much more expensive.  I’m a student so most of these teas are reasonably cheap.  Plus, you get what you pay for a fair amount with tea and buying even the very nicest teas is normally still cheaper than getting your tea from a coffee shop or similar!

If you’ve tried a tea I’ve blogged about, please do add your own thoughts and opinions on the tea.  I hope you find my opinions on various teas helpful but please remember, they are just my opinions!