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Green Mate

Green Mate by Nothing But Tea.  Click to visit their website.Green Mate (in this case from Nothing But Tea) is a particularly interesting one.  It’s not a tea, it’s a tisane, but it does contain caffeine.  Although it only has low levels of caffeine, it does have two other xanthines as well: theobromine and theophylline, so despite being low in caffeine it is high in natural stimulants.  It has a weird effect of giving you lots of energy as if you’ve just had a strong coffee but your heart rate doesn’t shoot up like it does with coffee (or at least, this is my experience from drinking this stuff this morning).  It wasn’t the nicest thing I’ve ever tasted but it was certainly drinkable and far more pleasant as a natural stimulant (although without the immediate kick I seem to get from coffee).



Nettles from Nothing But Tea.  Click to visit website.Nettles?  To drink?  Isn’t that going to be disgusting?  Yup that was pretty much my thought too but nettles are supposed to be high in digestible iron and it has to be better than eating liver, right?  So very right!  I never expected this to taste remotely good but it really did!  This Nettle tisane from Nothing But Tea really surprised me but it did taste really really good.  It’s got quite a mild taste too which makes it very easy to drink.  This one is definitely well worth a try, especially if you’re anaemic or prone to anaemia, but even if you’re not!


Rosebuds from Nothing But Tea.  Click to visit their website.There’s something strange and unexpected about opening your tea (OK, in this case tisane) and finding whole rosebuds.  Despite seeing the picture on the website and it saying “rosebuds” I really wasn’t expecting to find whole rosebuds, such tiny little things too, in the packet of organic Rosebuds I bought from Nothing But Tea.  There’s something really beautiful about these little rosebuds, sufficiently so that I (quite unusually) gave my teapot and mug (which now looks bright blue instead of brown inside!) a good clean.  The taste was very sweet but a little unusual and probably takes a little bit of getting used to.  It tastes exactly how roses smell, which possibly shouldn’t have come as a surprise but wasn’t something I was a particular fan of.

Valerian Root from Nothing But Tea.  Click to visit their website.This organic Valerian Root from Nothing But Tea is the first time I’ve come across a it not in tea bags, which is nice if you’re a fan of Valerian Root as you can decide exactly how much you have. The other unusual thing about this is it’s pure Valerian Root, nothing else, you may see this as a good thing or a bad thing.  Personally I quite like it.

I didn’t particularly like the taste of it but I didn’t particularly dislike it either.  It says it’s “mildly sedative”.  I found it more than “mildly” sedative but then again I did use quite a large amount and you could easily just use less of it.

Organic Sleep Easy Infusion

Valarian Infusion from ClipperOK, so this one isn’t a tea, it’s an infusion, but it’s fantastic for those days when you’ve had far too much tea (or coffee!) until far too late in the day and you really need to sleep.  It contains valerian root, a natural sedative, which is very good for helping you sleep, although it does interact with some medications so that can be worth checking.  I’ve tried a few valerian infusions but, unlike the others ones I’ve tried, this one really does taste and smell very nice and is very relaxing to drink.  One or two cups of this and I find I sleep incredibly well, although it can make you feel drowsy in the morning (although a cup of tea soon fixes that!).