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White Peony

This White Peony tea has an almost grassy smell and taste to it, admittedly something I generally like although dislike when my hayfever (to grass) is bad, although that’s probably more of an association thing than a taste thing, as the rest of the year I really love the smell and taste of grassy smelling teas.  As you can see from the picture, you can really see whole leaves with this one, which I always really like, not least because people get really curious about teas when they can see whole leaves (if you click on the picture it’ll take you to the tea on the Jing website which gives you more information about the tea).  It’s a mild tasting tea that’s very easy to drink.  As the name suggests, it’s a white tea.  White teas are normally lower in caffeine which this one certainly seems to be (although I have no way of knowing for sure other than a vague idea from drinking it!).


Jing Tea

Jing TeaLike my last blog post, I thought it might be helpful for some people if I review online companies that sell tea, as it can be hard to tell what they are like and what their tea is like from their website.  Overall I thought Jing were very good.  I ordered the tea on a Friday and received it the next day!  They offer free delivery if you spend over £25 which they say quite clearly on their home page.  What they don’t say so clearly is that this means spending over £25 excluding VAT and all the prices on their website include VAT.  Meaning that if you don’t realise this you spend just over £25 and then realise you have to pay either a few pounds p&p or buy some more tea to bring it over that threshold.  If you’re using this website I suggest you think of it more as if you spend over £30.

If you care about the environment you may be pleased to hear that instead of bubble wrap to pack out the rest of the box, they used shredded cardboard, meaning that almost all of it can be recycled.  Despite this, the fragile glass I bought from them was packaged very carefully so that it wasn’t damaged at all.

I was very pleased with the quality of the glass and the teas that I bought from them.

Flowering Osmanthus Tea

Flowering Osmanthus TeaHaving heard of but never seen flowering teas, I was curious about them.  I had heard that they were very pretty and I thought they’d work well in my new teapot so wanted to try them.  Whilst this is one of the most expensive teas I’ve ever bought, it is still cheaper than buying your tea from most coffee shops.  I bought this from Jing Teas who said that this tea can be infused twice although I tend to infuse it three times and don’t notice much reduction in flavour, meaning I get about 1.5 litres of tea from each bulb!  Infusing this tea twice is not the same as using a teabag twice!

The flower is very pretty.  In the photo the flower hasn’t fully opened, you can click here for a photo of this tea done by Jing Teas.  Mine didn’t open quite as fully as in the photo taken by Jing Teas but that’s probably due to my teapot as it did get stuck slightly.  It’s certainly a very impressive tea and even people I expected the most cynical responses from seemed quite excited by it.

The tea itself is a green tea.  On it’s own it was a very nice tea, it didn’t taste at all bitter and had a nice slightly sweet taste to it.

Jing Teas will deliver free by Royal Mail first class if you spend over £25 and by 24 Hour Next Working Day Courier if you spend over £50.  I ordered on a Friday and received it the next day so I was very impressed with how fast they delivered it.  However, on their main page where they say “Free delivery over £25” they don’t point out that this is over £25 excluding VAT, whereas their prices all include VAT so you actually have to spend a bit more than this suggests to get the free delivery.