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White Pearl

White Pearl from Nothing But TeaWhen I first put the water in with this White Pearl tea from Nothing But Tea I was amazed by the beauty of the little pearls unfolding and the little leaves floating around in my teapot.  However, it didn’t go well for very long.  I put the teapot down and left the tea to brew but after a while I heard a slow drip drip drip drip.  I then realised that I hadn’t put my ingenuiTEA teapot down on a properly flat surface.  Fail.  If you don’t know already, ingenuiTEAs have a valve at the bottom and this is where you empty the tea from but if you don’t put it on a flat surface, something can push the valve open.  No matter how much I like tea, my keyboard and laptop are apparently less fond of it…  After the less good start, I have to say it was a very very nice tea.  It has a mild, slightly grassy, slightly sweet flavour.  It’s apparently suitable for multiple infusions, which, having just had a fourth infusion of it, I would very much agree with!


Snow Dragon

Snow Dragon by Nothing But Tea.  Click to visit their website.Snow Dragon tea by Nothing But Tea is a pretty tea. The buds are twisted into little spirals that unravel when steeped in water, leaving you with whole leaves.  Its mild flavour is sweet and not at all bitter making it very pleasant to drink.  It’s got a slightly grassy taste although it doesn’t have a grassy smell.  Once it has brewed the tea is a pale yellowy green colour.  I really liked this tea, it’s definitely more of an afternoon tea than a morning tea but I can highly recommend this tea, it really is lovely to drink.

Antlers d’Amour

Antlers d'Amour by Nothing But Tea.  Click to visit their website.Antlers d’Amour from Nothing But Tea is an unusual tea.  Tea normally comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant but this actually comes from the stems.  It’s apparently Fair Trade (although I wouldn’t know how to check this one).  It’s a white tea and it tastes very similar to Ceylon White Silver Tips and it really can be infused multiple times without spoiling the taste (I tried it this afternoon!).  Like the Ceylon White Silver Tips, it’s a mild, slightly sweet taste.  It’s what I’d consider a relaxing afternoon tea.  It’s not got enough caffeine to wake you up, but is very relaxing to drink and has enough caffeine to keep you going.  It’s got a slightly grassy taste that I’ve come across with a few (particularly white) teas but without the grassy smell that I don’t particularly like during the peak grass-induced hayfever season!

Green Mate

Green Mate by Nothing But Tea.  Click to visit their website.Green Mate (in this case from Nothing But Tea) is a particularly interesting one.  It’s not a tea, it’s a tisane, but it does contain caffeine.  Although it only has low levels of caffeine, it does have two other xanthines as well: theobromine and theophylline, so despite being low in caffeine it is high in natural stimulants.  It has a weird effect of giving you lots of energy as if you’ve just had a strong coffee but your heart rate doesn’t shoot up like it does with coffee (or at least, this is my experience from drinking this stuff this morning).  It wasn’t the nicest thing I’ve ever tasted but it was certainly drinkable and far more pleasant as a natural stimulant (although without the immediate kick I seem to get from coffee).

White Peony

This White Peony tea has an almost grassy smell and taste to it, admittedly something I generally like although dislike when my hayfever (to grass) is bad, although that’s probably more of an association thing than a taste thing, as the rest of the year I really love the smell and taste of grassy smelling teas.  As you can see from the picture, you can really see whole leaves with this one, which I always really like, not least because people get really curious about teas when they can see whole leaves (if you click on the picture it’ll take you to the tea on the Jing website which gives you more information about the tea).  It’s a mild tasting tea that’s very easy to drink.  As the name suggests, it’s a white tea.  White teas are normally lower in caffeine which this one certainly seems to be (although I have no way of knowing for sure other than a vague idea from drinking it!).

Ceylon White Silver Tips

Ceylon White Silver Tips from TwiningsI went on a trip to the Twinings shop in Strand, London and decided to investigate their loose tea bar.  As a fan of Ceylon tea and white tea I was very keen to try this tea and it certainly didn’t disappoint, it has to be one of the nicest teas I’ve ever drunk.  It’s a very delicate tasting tea that has a subtle but very nice flavour to it.  It appears to be quite low caffeine as well.  It’s not a strong tea or one that’s going to wake you up in the morning but it is one you can really sit and enjoy.

Decaffeinating tea

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ll have had times (for me pretty much every late afternoon/evening) where you really want a nice cup of tea but if you have too much caffeine you know you won’t sleep that night.  However, if you’re a fan of more unusual loose teas, you may, like me, find the selection of decaffeinated teas that you can find in the shops a little bit too restrictive.  I mean, just because you don’t want the caffeine doesn’t mean you don’t want a particular cup of tea.

So, what about decaffeinating the tea you already have?  Well, it turns out it’s surprisingly easy, which is good news for those of us that sometimes (or always!) want less caffeine in our tea.  This is probably a good time to point out that decaffeinated tea is not caffeine free, but it is much lower in caffeine.

Here’s how to do it:
1. Pour on the water.
2. Wait for approximately 20-60 seconds (the advise varies and probably depends on the tea).
3. Pour off that water and pour new water on, in the process you will should get rid of about 80% of the caffeine.

If you want more information on this I suggest looking at:
* Wikipedia
*  Heaven of Tea
* Wise geek
* Tea time garden

Picture of Twinings White Tea with Pomegranate packagingTwinings White Tea with Pomegranate was the first white tea I tried.  I saw it in the supermarket and despite not knowing what white tea was (although I did drink green tea and so was aware of the different types), I decided to try it.

Since then I have discovered the joys of loose teas and have discovered many other teas, including much more expensive ones, but this has remained a firm favourite of mine.  Whilst I don’t generally go for flavoured teas, especially flavoured white teas, I do think that this one is particularly good.

White tea, for anyone that’s curious, comes from the same plant as all other teas, the Camellia Sinensis plant, but is made from the buds and young leaves which are then allowed to wither in natural sunlight before being lightly processed to prevent oxidation or further fermentation.  White tea tends not to be bitter like other teas can be so are particularly good choices if you don’t have milk in your tea.  In fact white teas should never be served with milk.  If you want to know more about white teas, I recommend reading the wikipedia page on white tea.  This tea is apparently low in caffeine, which certainly fits with my experience of drinking it (despite drinking lots of tea I still have very low caffeine tolerance!) and is very normal for white teas, although isn’t always the case.

This tea, which appears to only be available in teabag form, tends to be available in most supermarkets and is a good first tea, or a good first tea without milk.  Its low levels of caffeine may also make it a better choice for some people, although I would highly recommend it to everyone!  If you can’t get it from the supermarket, it can also be bought from the Twinings online shop or from the Twinings shop in Strand, which is well worth a visit!  Although if you go to visit their Strand shop, I highly recommend following their very good directions that are on their website so that you don’t get as lost as I did!