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Organic Sleep Easy Infusion

Valarian Infusion from ClipperOK, so this one isn’t a tea, it’s an infusion, but it’s fantastic for those days when you’ve had far too much tea (or coffee!) until far too late in the day and you really need to sleep.  It contains valerian root, a natural sedative, which is very good for helping you sleep, although it does interact with some medications so that can be worth checking.  I’ve tried a few valerian infusions but, unlike the others ones I’ve tried, this one really does taste and smell very nice and is very relaxing to drink.  One or two cups of this and I find I sleep incredibly well, although it can make you feel drowsy in the morning (although a cup of tea soon fixes that!).



Twinings Keemun, click to visit websiteKeemun is a tea I’ve really yet to make up my mind about.  I first tried Twinings Amber Keemun tea when it came in a pack of three with Spring White Tea and Golden Oolong Tea, it was definitely my favourite of the three, although they are all very nice.  I wouldn’t call this tea a particularly interesting or exciting one but it is nice, just nice, but sometimes a plain and simple “nice” tea is just right.  It’s certainly a tea I recommend to people who are new to drinking tea without milk.  It comes in teabags and is sometimes available in supermarkets (the bigger ones at least).

So, why have I yet to make up my mind about this tea?  Well, I decided, given I liked this one, to buy some from the person who sells tea at the local market (I’d run out 😦 ), I’ve bought some very nice loose teas from him before (including a very nice Lapsang Souchong) but the Keemun I bought from the market I really didn’t like.  A bag of it is still sitting rather unloved on my office desk (amongst more teas than I can keep track of).

Twinings Finest KeemunSo, not to be deterred, having liked the Twinings standard Amber Keemun tea, I decided to try their Finest Keemun loose tea but I can’t say I liked this one either.  However, they do describe it as being like Darjeeling, one of the few teas I really don’t like so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised.  Maybe if you like Darjeeling tea then this one will be for you but personally I think I’m going to stick with the standard Twinings Amber Keemun tea.

Jasmine Earl Grey

Twinings Jasmine Earl GreyThis Jasmine Earl Grey tea from Twinings is a Limited Edition tea that I first bought over 6 months ago so I’m not expecting it to be around for much longer, which is a shame because it’s a lovely tea.  Although this is one of the selection of Earl Grey teas that Twinings sell, it tastes far more like a jasmine tea than an Earl Grey tea.

Of all the black teas I’ve drunk (I tend to be more of a fan of the white teas), this one is one of my favourite.  Black tea can sometimes taste slightly bitter but the jasmine in this seems to really help in that regard (I never put milk or sugar in my tea).

This tea probably won’t be around for much longer but it is well worth a try (even if you don’t like Earl Grey) if you get the chance.

Royal Wedding White Earl Grey

Twinings Royal Wedding commemorative blendStrangely enough I didn’t particularly want to buy this tea, let alone like it.  It’s a commemorative blend made by Twinings specially for the royal wedding.  I’m not a royalist and the royal wedding just didn’t interest me and before seeing this I was successfully ignoring it but when I saw the details about this tea: earl grey (not something I’m generally a fan of) with white tea instead of black to and added rose petals, it sounded so nice that I had to buy some.

It has a particularly short brewing time of only a minute but tastes very good.  Even people who don’t like Earl Grey seem to like this particular blend.  As with all white teas it’s best enjoyed without milk.  As it is a limited edition tea, it won’t be around for long though so if you want to try it you’ll need to buy it soon!

Picture of Twinings White Tea with Pomegranate packagingTwinings White Tea with Pomegranate was the first white tea I tried.  I saw it in the supermarket and despite not knowing what white tea was (although I did drink green tea and so was aware of the different types), I decided to try it.

Since then I have discovered the joys of loose teas and have discovered many other teas, including much more expensive ones, but this has remained a firm favourite of mine.  Whilst I don’t generally go for flavoured teas, especially flavoured white teas, I do think that this one is particularly good.

White tea, for anyone that’s curious, comes from the same plant as all other teas, the Camellia Sinensis plant, but is made from the buds and young leaves which are then allowed to wither in natural sunlight before being lightly processed to prevent oxidation or further fermentation.  White tea tends not to be bitter like other teas can be so are particularly good choices if you don’t have milk in your tea.  In fact white teas should never be served with milk.  If you want to know more about white teas, I recommend reading the wikipedia page on white tea.  This tea is apparently low in caffeine, which certainly fits with my experience of drinking it (despite drinking lots of tea I still have very low caffeine tolerance!) and is very normal for white teas, although isn’t always the case.

This tea, which appears to only be available in teabag form, tends to be available in most supermarkets and is a good first tea, or a good first tea without milk.  Its low levels of caffeine may also make it a better choice for some people, although I would highly recommend it to everyone!  If you can’t get it from the supermarket, it can also be bought from the Twinings online shop or from the Twinings shop in Strand, which is well worth a visit!  Although if you go to visit their Strand shop, I highly recommend following their very good directions that are on their website so that you don’t get as lost as I did!